I had a dream last night that the Girl Talk guy was at my apartment and wanted to throw a party. Only it wasn't my apartment but rather, the basement of a house. And all of the sudden A TON of people came in, there were people sitting everywhere, on everything. Then out of the blue my elderly landlords, Dick and Jean, came in and said everyone needed to sign waivers in order for the party to go on. But the waiver was like 4 pages long with all sorts of conditions and explanations. But I thought that was pretty impressive because I assumed all of their stipulations meant they had thrown lots of parties and had a lot of experience with them getting out of control. And then everyone signed the waivers so that wasn't so bad. But then Girl Talk guy wanted to watch a movie (I don't remember which one), so he turned on a movie. And people started to leave. And by the time it was over, pretty much everyone was gone. So there wasn't really a party after all.

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Hoon said...

that guy ruins every party.