How Do I Even Explain This?

One of those half-asleep dreams in which the Kirtland Temple Sunstone, set on top of a man's body, was doing a little dance on stage. There was a spotlight circling and highlighting different parts as the manstone danced.

I Was So Mean to Her When She Said That...

I was at a BYU dance with Jack Barlow and we were talking about the porn industry. I asked him if it was anything like Boogie Nights and right as he was about to answer some girl came over and told us that it wasn't appropriate to talk about things like that at the Lord's University.

I Was Invited to the Wedding of Someone I've Never Met

The couple was on a life raft in the middle of a lake. I had to float up to them in a life vest to say congratulations and once I got to them, instead of well wishes, I said "I don't want to bother you about borrowing a skirt right after you got married".