we're going in the pool

i joined an art school except it was more like an elementary school. we we're exhibiting our work. mine was a blackboard i had written a fake menu on. i sold it for 200 dollars. i went back to my desk and found 600 more dollars so i was like "fuck this, i'm just going to quit school cause i have 600 bucks." and then i went over to this weird house. brotus was there rolling all over the floor. then he started playing some song and then made sexual advances towards someone's mother.

but before facebook

i had a day dream at the halloween spectacular spectacular that dw and i were watching brokeback mountain the best movie to make out to for obvious reasons.

like a night later

later, we are at the boys' house watching the office. we start kissing but for some reason i think gavin is going to put it on facebook.

maybe it was maine

i am in a lighthouse because i live there and i want to kiss dw but someone is there and i cant.

Hot Tea

I dreamed that I was doing a very embarrassing thing. Then I dreamed in my dream that my roommate walked in my room and caught me. Then I woke up from my dream in my dream and was so glad I was only dreaming.
I was at the Smith's in Provo, in a bikini, where open auditions for The X-Files were being held. All three things were unrelated.

but it was dream within a dream

last night i had a dream about the internet.

what are you doing on tv?

i dreamed that i was headed to london with obama's press detail. right as one of the other press agents climbed into my sleeping bag and asked me to marry him, the plane we were on crashed into a river. but we all survived. but one of my two front teeth fell out.
so Sarah Palin and her whole family were hanging out at my house. only it wasn't my house, it was a creepy old house and it actually belonged to my neighbor Nate (which doesn't really matter I don't think, but I remember it being made a very clear point throughout the dream). and I wasn't super impressed with Sarah because as she was leaving she was looking through my CDs and said she needed to take a couple for the drive home (to Alaska) and one she was going to take was a new mix from my friend Kristina that I hadn't even listened to yet.

BUT THEN...we were sitting at the kitchen table and it came up that she had been in Troll 2! she was the witch/corn seductress! she started to do some of her lines and we were all very impressed. and I knew that even though I wasn't going to vote for her still...maybe that crazy lady wasn't so bad after all.

i had a bad cough

once dw and i played half a game of scrabble and watched half an episode of home movies and then successfully watched two full episodes of twin peaks.

that wasnt a dream. however, i did dream later that night we kissed.

it's not done being columbus day yet

in my dream i was really mad about something so to make myself feel better i took my blanket and pillow and went to sleep in my neighbors front yard.
I had a dream last night that I was at Michelle and Elin's house. Then suddenly Natali was there and she was busy crafting custom gift tags...which I found out she sells on the internet. They had photos of people on them and then intricate paper cutouts and she was very particular about anyone touching them.

(Natali I really don't know you well, but I have no real life reason to believe you wouldn't let me touch your gift tags.)

1st Lady/Lady Ace Scandal

Last night I had a dream that I had recently ended a secret love affair with Michelle Obama. No one else knew about it except us. She was really worried that I was going to tell someone, so she blackmailed me. (There was no sex in this dream. It was totally after the fact. Sorry.)

This Isn't That Great, But...

Last night I dreamt that I was watching a Project Runway marathon--like the whole season all in one sitting (which isn't too far-fetched). But p-run slowly evolved from a fashion design contest in the early episodes to gymnastics contest toward the end of the season... that's all.
I dreamed that when I left Utah forever everyone I knew turned out to say goodbye. And I felt really loved, even though it hurt that everyone was throwing water balloons at me.


i had a dream that the cutest little spiders asked me if they could crawl on my legs. they were very polite.
last night I had a dream where I was watching the second session of Mormon Conference with my friend Melissa at her apartment.

also, that's what I actually did yesterday. I won't always be so boring though (I might be).

i think about it like you're on vacation

and i hope you are having a nice trip.

last night's dream had too many things to remember, but it seems to me that the moral of the dream was to watch as little tv as possible. but i do remember getting into multiple fist fights because i spit in some faces but, to be fair, the was a unscheduled meeting of insurance agents and doctors in my room focused on how to con senior citizens into buying these faulty glasses. plus everyone was wearing suits. i hate that. earlier, one of my roommates had a psychotic episode and started shooting my other roommates with a shotgun while i hid under my bed. then it was snowing and all the elementary kids were throwing snowballs at me. but i wasn't sad about that, i was sad about the snow.