I had a dream about clipping my fingernails, which I think is hilarious.


I dreamt that I worked for a large (quantity) black family and kept buying them shampoo with the wrong spf in it. The spf I bought was way too low for the large black family's needs.


I dreamt Steven Puente and I fought off the Argentinian army with my kitchen chairs.


I dreamt I moved into the most kickass house and had a swimming pool and full kitchen in my room. I didn't want the room though, cause i was only allowed to use a dingy shower curtain to close off the kitchen/pool from the rest of the bedroom and everyone I lived with said I was shallow.


I dreamt I went bald on the right half of my head just.


I dreamt that I got fired for golfing in my parents driveway.


I dreamt I had sex with Michael Bolton. He had a tiny penis and got angry at me because it wasn't working.