9.17.07 ( or "This Headband is Killing Me")

Sometimes the outfit I'm supposed to wear when I wake up comes to me in a dream. It's not always a good outfit, or necessarily weather appropriate, but I wouldn't feel right denying my subconscious.


Mary made me a cake out of champaign and once she gave it me, in my dreams, I realized that it was totally okay for me to drink.

It's UterUS, Not UterYou

Offspring seemed to be the theme of my dream last night. I took a 4 year old to see Justin Timberlake in concert and she had to borrow clothes from and old woman who I somehow knew was Marcel Dzama's mother. Then a lady who couldn't have been more than 30 years old was being arrested for starting a fight and when JT pardoned her, she shouted "You guys know Johnny Cash? If you never want to get arrested again all you gotta do is raise coolest f*cking kid in the world!"