shh...keep it like a secret

i dream about getting ready for the day quite a bit and last night i dreamed that i solved some problem by going out into the hallway and pulling out drawer after giant drawerful of jeans. this dream couldn't be farther from my own reality.

hail to the...

i keep having dreams that i'm just a little bit pregnant.


i had a dream that i was lee perry and i only had one leg and i absolutely hated my life. i didn't hate my life cause of my leg or because i was lee perry, i just hated it.

when it's christmas in ho chi mihn

i dreamed my brother was home and we went to a concert with my sister for her birthday. we rode bikes. i realized as we were paying to get in that some dude had just run off with our bikes so i screamed at him.

get back here with my bike you thieving asshole.

so he said ok and turned around and tossed the bike back to me from like far away and i caught it with one hand.