I had a dream that I lied to Brian about a dream I had in my dream. I knew I was lying about the dream in the dream, but I couldn't figure out why.

At The Top of The Key

Terrorists took over a Jazz game in my dream last night. They broke the arena windows and flew right in.

The Problem With A Dream Blog

is that sometimes you run out of source material, and then your up shit-creek (imagery). I've been out of dreams for days myself, so I figure I'll post someone else's subconscious instead:

Last night I had the saddest dream about my ex-girlfriend. It was like in a short film or a commercial. She was running and supposed to visit me, but the film had been re-edited and they re-shot a new ending without me. She was actually visiting Spike Jonze instead of me! I was so devastated and I asked once for all,

“Why did you leave me?”

She answered,

“You had terrible breath and I couldn’t take it anymore.

I immediately reached in my pocket hoping to find some mints. I said,

“That’s so unfair. You could have let me know and I would have eaten a lot of mints. By the way, I remember this one month your breath had deteriorated and I didn’t want to upset you, so I bought a big bottle of Listerine to pretend it was for my own use, but I discretely encouraged you to imitate me. So the problem was solved without hurting your feelings.”

She answered,

“I remember, but the bottle was for you, not for me!”

So unfair…

Later, I was trying to follow her in a sleeping train and I could never be in the same compartment as her. I was even saying to her parents how much I was missing them, but there was no way to find her in this train that was cruising through the snow.

Then a drunk, driving a truck, fishtailed, hit us and went crazy over the freeway.

- Michel Gondry


Don't know who it was but someone said "If Survivor is over here than what the hell (queue swishing noise and disembodied hand pointing very convictedly to the right) is THAT!?!"


In my dream the other night Mitt Romney lost the Republican nomination to Mike Huckabee and I was (so) angry.