watch this jack knife

i had a dream last night that i was putting on make up and every time i tried to color in my eyebrows, one of my brows would move to a whole different part of my face.

often you are met with disappointment

i dreamed i was sitting in the back of a car full of people who were making really good jokes. i wanted everyone in the car to like me and think i was funny, so i chimed in and made a joke about hooking up with a baby. my joke totally bombed.

chris kaman

i ran into him. he had a mohawk. i told him i really liked it. he told me that he really liked my t-shirt. i looked down and noticed that my t-shirt happened to be the l.a. clippers t-shirt that i had just bought at the d.i. i am really fortunate that i happened to be wearing it, since we became fast friends.

i wasn't paying attention

and when i looked up, the australian basketball team had made a miraculous comeback and was ahead of the usa basketball team by 8 points with only a minute to go. kobe got a steal and a dunk. wade got a steal and redd hit a 3-pointer. then i woke up and remembered that i had finished watching the usa win by 30 just before i decided to go back to sleep at 8:00a.

she's a twin

i time travelled back to the morning of 9/11 right after the north tower was hit so i could get some footage for this documentary i was making, and time is frozen so i can just look at the building, but if you say mean things to people they unfreeze and respond. and this other girl gets unfrozen to help me, but instead she tricks me into getting into an elevator with explosives that's heading up to the crash site fires.


7:54 a.m.

me and dw are eating pepperoni pizza. suddenly, we are kissing. miraculously i have on cute pink underwear. i think "its a miracle." but i dont have time to do much more because he starts kissing my...



I remember that Laura Dern was in my dream last night. She had a lightsaber with her and she was telling me what I could and could not eat.

but it didn't look like his house

may 6

i was waiting for a bus at an elementary school (i think that's what i was doing but i couldn't figure out what i'd be doing at an elementary school in the first place) and the kids were doing a science experiment were they send up weather balloons but attached to each weather balloon were two cats and a dog. i called bio-robot to tell her but she wanted me to transfer her call to somewhere else -- maybe her parents or a restaurant or something.

for beauty we will pay

may 14

on vacation with poland jones and fight and we were hanging out in some house with a dog when a lion showed up and the dog attacked and then we -- me, poland jones and fight -- ran out and locked the lion in the house but across the street there were three more lions but in cages then another lion showed up but ended up in a cage (the same lion as before?) then a cop showed up and asked us about all the lions then the one lion got out of the cage and attacked. the cop shot the lion in the head, dead.

guest blogger Brit

I was standing on the sandy banks of a large riverbed with a math class. When Lisa Bonet from The Cosby Show came over to help me with a hard equation a crazed squid appeared out of the water and started chasing me. All I could do was scream my husband's name.

i had a dream last night

about Lie groups. mostly my dream consisted of me telling people that you can prove any local property about a Lie group by proving it in a neighborhood about the identity. you know, because of the left translation diffeomorphism. i hope to have better dreams real soon.

I wish

other people would post their dreams on this blog too. I'm lonely out here.