i had a dream that aaron dw was my boss and in the dream i was nervous about his ability to lead. my fears were assuaged when he told me he'll be a good boss and buy me pizza every once in a while.


i had a dream that lisa had me "babysit" her fetus by implanting it in my own belly for a little while. i was happy to help out, but a little pissed cause i wasn't getting as many dates anymore.


in my dream i was hanging out with emily c, who was black and rolled me a HUGE joint and we watched reruns of a tv show, i think it was the simpsons.

he kissed me bang smash on the mouth

all i recall is thinking to myself that i couldn't leave the jimi hendrix experience the way i found it.

people actually look at this blog?

i had a dream that bw challenged me to a gun fight on a frozen pool and my parents took pictures.

don't shush me

i gave a guy at the orange juice stand in sf 5 dollars to make me some orange juice and he took my five dollars and ate them right in front of me.

michael jackson died of swine flu

i had a work dream last night. i had to make a blanket explaining the spread of swine flu in salt lake and my feelings about it and i never got to see my blanket but my co-workers told me it was really nice.