wired coulter's mouth shut

i had a dream that i was trying to nurse my newborn baby and he was having none of it. so i sat him down and we had a very grown-up conversation about why it was important for him to breast feed. he finally agreed when i told him that baby tiger's do it, so he should too.

We will do whatever is forbidden

I had a dream that this guy andy that i know was trying to get me to pet a fish named bob dylan.

lazy, barfy racers

em-c and janelle were doing a biking/swimming race. they were almost finished with the race. the finish line was visible, but they both gave up because they were too tired. so we all got in a car to drive away. janelle felt sick, so she threw up in the car. it got on me and it was slimy. i told em-c that janelle threw up, so she threw up in the car too.

my beloved pet

last night i dreamt that i had this beloved pet that i cherished. it kept switching back and forth between an adorable puppy and a snake. but somehow that did not alter my affection for my pet. i kept trying to protect my pet from dangerous situations. like one time when it was in the form of a snake, a python came and was trying to eat it. we could tell the python was hungry because it looked skinny. my friend had a brilliant idea. we forced open the python's mouth and stuffed it full of hot dogs to curb its appetite so it wouldn't eat my beloved pet snake/puppy. and it worked!

look out upon the myriad harbor

in my dream i was riding a ski lift with stacy day, only the ski lift was really a couch, and we were making fun of the guy on the ski couch behind us who was making out with like 5 girls at once. i think we were making fun of him cause our feelings were both a little hurt though.
I was riding my bike to the train station on main street and my older brother who lives in Maryland walked by. I stopped to say hello and asked why he was in Salt Lake. He told me all his organs were slowly shutting down. I asked how bad it was. He told me they had lost 28% of their functionality. I asked what organs. He said the front ones (it was sad and serious even if I do science like an 8 year old in my dreams).