young hoppers

i dont sleep through the night anymore. it's been that way for a few months and it's terrible but on the bright side, instead of deep sleep dreams, i get half awake hallucinations. like just this morning i was picturing myself at my desk, having an argument with someone when a giant disembodied head floated through my office door and told me to stop bossing people around.

Couple Nights Ago

I was in the movie, The Cutting Edge, and I was like, Oh crap. This is going to suck. I totally can't ice skate. Neither hockey style, nor figure style.

nadoff's sperm

I had a dream about muffins last night and now i cant remember what happened in my dream but i do remember waking up and thinking to myself that i shouldn't post about it because it was inappropriate.

Last Night I

Was at the movies (in my dream). I can't remember the movie or who I was with. I just know that I pooped my pants. Not just a little bit. Like a full on movement. And whoever I was with was like, Uh, are you going to do something about that? And I didn't even care. I was way too into the movie.

How We Help

i dreamed that a contributing member of this blog had a foot fetish and i caught them attacking the feet of several women at once.

going to the river

i had a dream that my dad was trying to convince our family that his best friend, a man-sized kachina doll, would be a good co-anchor for his news show. we weren't buying it.