I wish

other people would post their dreams on this blog too. I'm lonely out here.


marshall p said...

the other night I had a dream that I was staying with these people in my ward (only they don't exist in real life just in dream life). they had all these kids and all these weird rooms in their house. during the majority of the dream I was just wandering from room to room trying to find a place to sleep. I disappeared from the dream but in next image I was looking at this little girl who had been killed when she was sleeping outside. someone had cut out her uterus and placed it over her mouth. she was holding her hands over her lower body. there was blood all over her stomach, but none on the uterus and none on her mouth. I saw myself crawl out of a tent nearby, but I didn't know if I had been there all night or if I went somewhere else during the night. then suddenly there were soldiers on horseback chasing polygamist women down the road and we were going to have to fight the soldiers to save the women.

I bet you're kinda sorry you asked.

Hoon said...

no way man. are you reading blood meridian too? your subconscious seems to be using some of cormac mccarthy's imagery.

marshall p said...

no, but I did just read this book by Warren Ellis called "crooked little vein" that had serial killers, child rapists, and all sorts of other sexual depravity happening in it.