This Is Also Not A Dream

I can't believe I'm jealous of people who are going to Comic Con.


Damian said...

if you want you can borrow my daredevil comics

Jefe said...

This summer was green for comic books.

They released a Green Lantern series chronicaling Sinestro, who, as you may know, was herald as the greatest Green Lantern of his generation until greed and power corrupted him and he became a sinister (hence the name sinestro) Green Lantern dopilganger. Somehow recreating an orange power source he has now started up his own corps. One that will undoubtably threaten The Green Lantern Corps.

Also they are releasing The Green Arrow, Year One. The Green Arrow is a billionair playboy by day but not just a vigilante by night, but a straight up social activitist and anarchist by night. His story is that he was trapped on a desert isle why fortune hunters dared to claim him dead and steal his family fortune. While in the jungle he perfects his art of archery and stealth. He comes home to get revenge on those who have wronged him...IN A BIG WAY!

Oooooooh, did I give away too much about my comic book geekdom?